Yeoman and Angular

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Basic setup of Yeoman for use with the standard Angular generator.

Install Yeoman and the Gulp Angular Generator

Use Yeoman and the gulp-angular generator to start the project. Installation instructions can be found here.

I had to update all packages to get updated versions of some of the dependencies that had been installed sometime past:

npm install -g

I also had a permissions issue with an old package that had to be installed and I went through these steps to insure permissions were set correctly on the .npm directory. I eventually renamed and re-created my ~/.npm directory.

When this didn't work, I removed node entirely from my system and reinstalled with homebrew using these instructions. I then had an issue with compass as described here installed compass:

sudo gem install compass

Create a Sample Angular Bootstrap Project

For the yo angular <appname> command I chose these options:

Compass - Y
Bootstrap - Y
Sass version of Bootstrap - Y


Test out the sample Yeoman app by running

grunt serve