Joomla CoverFlow Module

Posted by {"display_name"=>"greg", "login"=>"greg", "email"=>"", "url"=>""} on July 23, 2010 · 1 min read

While setting up a website for a friend, he really liked a sample template that had an iPod CoverFlow like feature to present photos -

JoomlArt Flowlist

The JoomlArt folks call their version of this feature JA Flowlist and it has quite a few nice features, including the ability to automatically start it in a slideshow-like mode.  However, it continues to frustrate me with IE - it won't display correctly.  As a result, I started searching for other CoverFlow-like features for Joomla.

JoomlaNook Imageflow

The JoomlaNook Imageflow looks nice and has the auto-play feature that I also want. Examples can be found here.  Full details on Imageflow can be found here.  I don't like some of the default css formatting and the module doesn't allow you to change the css settings on the module parameters page but the css file can be modified directly at modules/mod_imageflow/css/imageflow.css.  I removed the yellow border and increased the size of the frame and background color to suit my needs.

I still like JA Flowlist better but until they can fix the IE issues (or tell me how to fix it), I think this is the one.

ENY Virtuemart Coverflow

I didn't try the Virtuemart Coverflow because I didn't see an auto-play feature and it looks like there is a fee for this module but it does look nice.