Using a 3rd Party DNS Service with MidPhase

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These are the steps to setup a 3rd party DNS service for use with your MidPhase Shared Server account.
Do the following steps on your MidPhase account:

  • Login to the cpanel for your account: http:///cpanel
  • Along the left hand column, write down the IP address next to the Dedicated IP Address
  • In the main section of the cPanel, select the Addon Domains icon under the Domains section.
  • In the New Domain Name field, enter the domain name that you are working with and press the tab key.
  • Set the Document Root to the directory that will host the website for this domain
    Enter a password and select Add Domain

At your DNS service provider:

  • Find the page to setup the A record for your domain name and enter the dedicated IP address you noted from the MidPhase cPanel.
  • Find the page for your Mail Exchange / MX Record and enter and 0 (zero) for the priority field.
  • Save the changes