Node Red Logging

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Where do Node Red log messages go and how does basic logging work in Node Red?
With the 0.10.6 release in April 2015, Node Red introduced logging methods for nodes.

Node Red writes it's log output to the console so the location of logfile messages is determined by the process that starts node-red.

Log Destinations

node.js console,console.log messages are sent here (to the window that started node-red
Browser Console,Node.warn & Node.error messages

Logging Configuration

There's a logging section of the settings.js file that should look similar to this:

    // Configure the logging output
    logging: {
        // Only console logging is currently supported
        console: {
            // Level of logging to be recorded. Options are:
            // fatal - only those errors which make the application unusable should be recorded
            // error - record errors which are deemed fatal for a particular request + fatal errors
            // warn - record problems which are non fatal + errors + fatal errors
            // info - record information about the general running of the application + warn + error + fatal errors
            // debug - record information which is more verbose than info + info + warn + error + fatal errors
            // trace - record very detailed logging + debug + info + warn + error + fatal errors
            level: "info",

            // Whether or not to include metric events in the log output
            metrics: false,
            // Whether or not to include audit events in the log output
            audit: false

Sources of Information

0.10.6 Release Notes

Forum post on logging