• GraphQL Node for NodeRed npm GitHub
  • GraphQL Server for GHIN, Provides a GraphQL API for the Golf Handicap & Information Network GitHub
  • Cisco APIC for NodeRed, NodeRed node and flow for Cisco APIC YouTube Demo
  • Alexa Crypto Agent Skill, Alexa crypto qoute skill that tracks your list of cryptos Alexa App Store
  • ReactNative Scorecard for Tonk Card Game, This ReactNative Expo app is an open source Tonk scorecard Google Play Store
  • MQTT for Watchmen, This project adds the MQTT IoT protocol as a destination for alerts in Watchmen GitHub
  • MQTT Temperature Notification for ESP8266, This project adds the MQTT reporting from an ESP8266 based temperature monitor GitHub
  • AmazonDash for NodeRed, NodeRed flow that captures Amazon Dash button press and sets global variable GitHub
  • Textbelt for NodeRed, Allows SMS messages to be sent from NodeRed via Textbelt GitHub