Rasa X Training Errors

Where are error messages written?

Posted by Greg Stephens on August 12, 2019 · 2 mins read

After migrating my training data and domain from an existing Rasa bot to Rasa X 0.20.0, I pressed train and nothing happened. I looked under Models and there were none. Trying the Talking to your bot screen and there is no response.

Seems like there should be a log, errors or status screen of some sort to tell me what went wrong when I clicked the Train button.

Docker Containers

I’m running under the recommended server configuration which uses a bunch of docker containers. The error must be in one of those logs. Let’s review the containers in the Rasa docker setup:

Service Ports Use
rasa-x 5002 User interface
app 5055 Action server
db 5432 Postgres DB
rabbit 5672 RabbitMQ
duckling 8000 Duckling
nginx 80, 443 nginx

I tried the docker-compose log command against rasa-worker, rasa-x, logger, rasa-production

I don’t see the output from a rasa training command in any of those.

Browser Network Tab

I keep searching the Rasa X discussion forum and find a suggestion to look at the browser network tab to see if Rasa X shows a connection issue.

I found the error in the Network and Console tabs.

There’s an error 500, Internal Server Error associated with the POST to the api/projects/default/models/jobs endpoint. The response to that call shows:

Failed to train a Rasa model You have defined a form action, but haven’t added the FormPolicy to your policy ensemble.