V1 Golf - Importing & Exporting Videos

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The V1 Golf application for the iPad/iPhone is a great application for recording your golf swing and sharing it with your pro for long distance lessons. From within the application, you can take a video of your swing and email it directly to your pro. The main drawback is the limited frame rate of the iPad video.

Importing Video into V1 Golf

When the email is sent from V1 Golf, it is sent as an mov file attachment. It would be nice for the person receiving the video to get it back into V1 Golf so that you can use the V1 tools to mark up the video or do a side-by-side comparison.

One method of doing this is to use the free V1 Golf locker to store any video. Video's can be stored there directly from V1 Golf on the iPhone or iPad.

If the video is in an email attachment or another location on your PC, you can use the free basic version of the V1 Home application to put the video in your locker. Instructions for doing this can be found here.

Using V1 Home to Import an MOV File

I downloaded the V1 Home 2.0 software and was issued a free basic key. I also downloaded the K1 Codec pack that was recommended at install time. You will also need to install the Combined Community Codec Pac.

- Save the MOV file that was sent to you from V1 Golf via email to a location on your hard drive
- Start V1 Golf Home
- Click on the folder icon and open the MOV file that you saved from the email
- Use V1 Golf Home to make any comments or mark ups if you want to do them here
- Choose the menu item File > Send to the Academy (it will prompt you for the login information to your locker)

The video will now be available via your Academy locker on your iPad or iPhone.