Rasa Jokebot

A Rasa X demo chatbot with source on Github

Rasa Golfbot

A demo chatbot on the new 2019 Golf rules

Rasa Chatbot CLI Tool - rasacli

A command line tool for Rasa X bulk data maintenance

GraphQL Node for NodeRed

GraphQL Node for NodeRed

GraphQL Server for GHIN

Provides a GraphQL API for the Golf Handicap & Information Network

ReactNative Scorecard for Tonk Card Game

This ReactNative Expo app is an open source Tonk scorecard

Alexa Crypto Agent Skill

Alexa crypto qoute skill that tracks your list of cryptos

Cisco APIC for NodeRed

NodeRed node and flow for Cisco APIC

MQTT for Watchmen

This project adds the MQTT IoT protocol as a destination for alerts in Watchmen.

MQTT Temperature Notification for ESP8266

This project adds the MQTT reporting from an ESP8266 based temperature monitor.

Amazon Dash for NodeRed

NodeRed flow that captures Amazon Dash button press and sets global variable

Textbelt for NodeRed

Allows SMS messages to be sent from NodeRed via Textbelt