Setup New Gulp Angular Project

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Cheatsheet on setting up a Gulp Angular project using the Yeoman swiip/generator-gulp-angular generator.

Install Yeoman and the Generator

Use the instructions on the swiip/generator-gulp-angular generator page.

npm install -g yo gulp bower
npm install -g generator-gulp-angular

Create the Application

Create a directory for the app and run the generator

mkdir newapp
cd newapp
yo gulp-angular

I typically choose the default options except I choose standard CSS and standard JavaScript.

Fixup Missing Bootstrap CSS

The bootstrap CSS file is not copied to the project so download the latest Bootstrap zip file, extract the bootstrap.min.css file and place it in the project src/app directory.

drop keyspace "Usergrid";
drop keyspace "Usergrid_Applications";

Fixup Bootstrap Fonts/Glyphicons

Copy the bootstrap fonts directory from bower_components/bootstrap to src/fonts.