Usergrid Reset Cassandra DB

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Cheatsheet on clearing the Usergrid Cassandra DB for a clean Usergrid environment.

Stop Usergrid

Before making changes to Cassandra, stop Usergrid. You can do this by completely shutting down tomcat

sudo service tomcat7 stop

Or you can connect to the Tomcat manager user interface and stop Usergrid. The URL for the Tomcat manager is:


Run Cassandra Shell

Login to the system running Cassandra and run the Cassandra shell:

sudo /usr/local/cassandra/bin/cqlsh

Let's look to see that our Usergrid keyspaces are there with this command:

describe keyspaces;

which should return something like this:

"Usergrid_Applications"  system_traces  "Usergrid"  system

Remove the Usergrid Keyspaces

Now enter these commands to remove the Usergrid keyspaces:

drop keyspace "Usergrid";
drop keyspace "Usergrid_Applications";

Restart Usergrid

If you stopped Tomcat earlier, restart it with the command:

sudo service tomcat7 start

If you used the Tomcat manager, reconnect to the manager in the browser and press Start.

Run Usergrid Database & Super User Setup

Once you've restarted Tomcat and/or Usergrid use your web browser to visit the URLs below to re-initialized the database. While you do this you might want to watch the logs under tomcat/logs for clues, just in case anything goes wrong.

Database setup URL - http://localhost:8080/system/database/setup

You'll be prompted to login. Use the sysadmin credentials you entered in the usergrid properties file.

Superuser setup URL - http://localhost:8080/system/superuser/setup