Meteor & React Projects

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It's August 2016, would be nice to have a Meteor, React & React Router kickstarter/ app. Here's what I've found.

My minimum requirements were projects with Meteor, React (using JSX) & React Router.

Project,Latest Date,Stars,UI Library,Notes
mantrajs,Jul 2016,286,,No React Router
theactivestack,May 2016,217,?,
jedwards1211,Mar 2016,391,?,Webpack
alexgaribay,Nov 2015,44,?,
glenarama,Jan 2015,1,none,
abhiaiyer91,Nov 2015,1,none,

React Books

React: Up & Running,Jul 2016
Pro React,Nov 2015,
Getting Started with React,Apr 2016
Mastering React,Feb 2016
React.js Essentials,Aug 2015
Reactive Programming with Javascript,Sep 2015
Learning React: A Hands-on Guide,tbd Oct 2016 (covers React Router)


Meteor Forum: Mantra w/React Router,Jul 2016
Meteor Forum: Meteor React books,Feb 2016,
Alex Garibay,Jul 2015
marmelab,Nov 2015
underline8,May 2016
React Router w/Flux,Jan 2015

React Tools / Add-On's

React Storybook,UI Harness/Testing for React Components

React Router

Learning React Router
Beginner's Guide to React Router