Deploying Meteor Apps with Meteor Up (MUP)

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This is a cheatsheet on deploying a Meteor app to a base Linux server using Meteor Up. I'm currently using Digital Ocean but it could be any Linux server.

Install Meteor Up

sudo npm install -g mup

Initialize MUP

mup init

Create mup.json File

Here's an example:

  "servers": [// Server authentication info
      "host": "myhost.domain",
      "username": "root"
      //"password": "mypass"
      //"pem": "~/.ssh/id_rsa"
  "setupMongo": true,
  "setupNode": true,
  "nodeVersion": "0.10.40",
  "setupPhantom" true,
  "enableUploadProgressBar": true,
  "appName": "sdnet",  // appName no spaces
  "app": ".",
  "env": {  // Configure environment
    "PORT": "8084",
    "ROOT_URL": "http://myhost.domain"
  "deployCheckWaitTime": 15

Configure Remote Sever

mup setup


mup deploy